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Dedicated to the Texas market, we specialize in evaluating and transforming underperforming commercial properties into vibrant, desired destinations. Improve your investment and let it perform for you.

The Cost of Inaction: Why Remaining Static Isn’t An Option

In the dynamic world of commercial real estate, resisting change isn’t merely about holding onto tradition—it’s a risk with tangible consequences.

Consider what’s at stake: A building sitting vacant and draining your limited resources.

Partner with us to…

• Boost Property Value
• Modernize Effortlessly
Stay Ahead
• Turn an Underperforming Asset into a Performing Asset

CRE-Next stands as Texas’ premier property redevelopment agency. We’ve breathed new life into over 50 properties, ensuring our clientele remain at the pinnacle of their game.

Your Success Is Our Blueprint

Our expert team of consultants, architects, and developers aim to unveil your property’s hidden potential. Using modern design and market insights, we craft tailored redevelopment solutions for today’s discerning tenants.

Local Market Insight

Decades of experience in the region give us a deep-rooted understanding of the Texas market.

Investment Potential

Bringing together design, functionality, and business acumen.

Client-Driven Planning & Design

Mixed-use communities that tenants and businesses are looking for, seek out, and covet.


Decades of working with Texas communities’ economic and planning staffs mean regional insights and an extensive network of connections.

Value Amplification

Beyond aesthetics, boosting your assets worth.

Meet the Team Behind Texas’ Revival

Dallas Cothrum

Masterplan Texas

Dallas Cothrum specializes in securing land entitlements for developers, government entities, and utilities. With experience in obtaining zoning approvals for numerous properties, he offers expert guidance in zoning and permit applications.

Tom Metcalfe

Metcalfe Commercial Realty, LLC

A 40+ year leader in Dallas Commercial Real Estate, skilled in leasing, sales, and development. Known for expertise in inner-city projects and competitive analysis. Notable deals include Myerson Symphony Site and Rolex Building Site.

Kevin Wallace

Vision+Architecture Studio

Accomplished architect with 30+ years of experience in commercial and urban infill projects, known for transformative designs that reflect client aspirations. Active member of esteemed organizations.

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